WinPython - Portable Python that you can run from a usb drive on any Windows machine

In this post, I will show you how to run Python from a USB flash drive on any Windows machine using WinPython.

If you have any previous experience with Python, either from data manipulation or maybe from some of the Python classes offered by Coursera, then you will be happy to know that WinPython by default includes:
  • Pandas - Python Data Analysis Library:
  • SciPy - An ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering
  • Spyder  - An interactive development environment
  • scikit-learn - Machine Learning
Additional packages can often be relatively easy installed.

After you installed WinPython you will have a directory on your flash drive, or on your hard drive, that looks like in the image to the left.

Jupyter Notebook is included, together with the IDLEX development environment. You can also run Python from the console, i.e. command prompt, directly from your USB flash drive, on any Windows machine.










To install WinPython go to and pick your version. Here I chose WinPython_3.5 release, and finally WinPython-64bit-

1. Run the executable and agree to the License agreement


2. Choose the installation directory

For this example I chose the D drive, but you can equal well choose to install the package on a USB drive.


 3. Finalize the installation


After you clicked Finished you will have a directory on your computer that looks like this:

Here are some options to run Python:
  1. From the command prompt: WinPython Command Prompt.exe
  2. The Jupyter Notebook: Jupyter Notebook.exe
  3. Using the IDE: IDLEX (Python GUI).exe

In the next post we will use the Jupyter Notebook, that allows you to collect your calculations in one place, include graphs, and even typeset equation in LaTeX. You can export your notebook to a very professional looking pdf


  1. Python 3.5.n is rather ancient and most environments/extensions nowadays expect Python to be at least 3.7.n.

    Is it possible to do this using a more current Python environment?

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