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Setting up a virtual environment in Python

In this post, we are going to set up a virtual environment in Python and as an example install Django 1.8.18 (LTS). Although you can set up a virtual environment in any distribution of Python, in this post we are going to use WinPython, a portable version of python that you can run from a USB drive on any Windows machine. No installation or special permissions are required! If you already have a Python distribution installed that you want to use, you can skip to step 2  and just install virtualenv . 1. Install WinPython Download your choice of WinPython from Here I chose WinPython-64bit- . Run the exe file and you will have a folder as shown in the image below. During the installation, or rather unpacking of the files, you must choose a destination folder. Here I chose to unpack the files to a folder called WinPython-64bit- that is located in the root of my drive, in my case d:\ WinPython-64bit- \ . Although the folder